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2021 Recap

The end of 2021 is here! We wanted to take some time to look back at all of the things we’ve done. We’ve accomplished so much this year! #GiveThanks

As a small for-profit business operating in the health and beauty industry in the Bronx, we’ve seen a lot. We witnessed our closest competitor close up shop and move. We’ve seen the increase of crime and drugs along White Plains Road. We’ve seen several Grand Openings. We’ve also lost several shops along the strip. While discouraging, these difficult times Uptown has not caused us to close doors. *If anything, we’ll be opening more doors in 2022. More details later….

It was HARD, taxing, unnerving, sickening, and yet we have room to be thankful and appreciative. We know that there are a lot of businesses that were not even able to recover from damages, income changes of COVID, or loss of life. We were one of the lucky ones, prepared for persistence. Don’t get it twisted though, we still struggled. We just make it look good!

This year we reached a milestone of selling $600,000 worth of products in our company! We did the most tabling and vending events this year. This allowed us to network and grow as a brand in ways we’re seeing unfold. We gave away over one thousand items to community members and people in need. All of our staff stayed strong in mind and physical health. We started several programs to help expand our brand presence.

Our staff comes from different walks of life but have many things in common. Zambo Aroma is dedicated to the growth of our people and community at large. We want to extend this connection to the brands and organizations that we worked with during 2021.

In 2022, we’re doubling down on our initiatives of wellness. We’ll be working more closely with our partner organizations to secure different types of resources. We’re also fully setting up our Zambo Collective. This will be a conglomerate of brands and entrepreneurs dedicated to cooperative economics. We want to keep as much money in disenfranchised/underrepresented communities. The more we work together, the better off we can ALL be.

Our New Years Resolution is to grow. But not alone. We want to establish a network that is successful and prosperous without drama, misrepresentation, or oppression.


  • The Bronx Collab Space
  • Girls Mentor Girls
  • Uptown Bronx Business Alliance
  • Eighth Flower
  • Soul Juice Live
  • Made x Myers
  • James Baldwin Outdoor Learning Center (JBOLC)
  • Community of Progressive Dominicans (SYEP)
  • Riverdale Temple
  • Bronx Bound Books
  • Schultz Family Farm
  • BIGO
  • The Zenna Project
  • Black or Nah
  • Phenomenal Women
  • Ali Forney Center
  • Black Pride NYC

If you’re interested in partnering with us, please send us an e-mail and someone will get back to you.

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