Combine fine arts and mental health therapy together to create an alternative way of healing or coping.

Feel free to come and join us with important topics like health, fitness, foods, and life insurance. This is the beginning of our Art Therapy Program. Find out how to use fine arts to manage anxiety, stress, or depression. Partnering with artists, clinicians, counselors and more, we will be using various forms of art as group therapy.

Art therapy will help with focusing and easing depression. Learn about the different things you can do to ease anxiety. Celebrate overcoming your issues with whole-hearted conversation and therapy.

Participants are encouraged to be open-minded and creative to explore current social struggles and challenges. Through a combination of art-making and talking, the participants are empowered to tap into their inner light. Using their inner strengths and mindset, people create powerful connections with themselves and others to overcome obstacles.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed and pressured by an increasingly hectic world. Art therapy can benefit people facing a wide spectrum of issues including anxiety, attention disorders, relationship issues, trauma, cognitive impairments, and depression. Zambo Aroma would like to offer this workshop to our community so that we can grow together.

Stay tuned to find out about our next Art Therapy event.




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