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We’re Black and We’re Proud.


Black-owned businesses originated in America within Free African, American, and Slave communities. Logistically during much of slavery, Blacks weren’t permitted to own anything clearly not even their body). Many people had trades and skills that were used to improve the standard of living for White people in the country. During the Reconstruction Era (1863-1877), Blacks were permitted to operate businesses within the White American structure. By the 1890s there were thousands of African-American small businesses across the country.

Black-owned businesses didn’t grow throughout the country until the 20th century with the onset of Jim Crow laws. This system of laws was used to enforce racial segregation throughout America. Whites wanted to remain separate. As more Blacks moved into cities, they created community’s that were large enough to support themselves. This inadvertently caused Black communities to positively function. Various organizations worked across the country to connect with any large population of Black people.


During this time, Blacks owned and operated nearly every sort of business possible. The number of businesses grew tenfold by 1920. When the Great Depression hit America, many Black businesses were severely affected and permanently closed. Eventually the businesses began to reestablish themselves.

Say it LOUD!


Anyone heard of the phrase “double duty dollar?” It was expressed in America until the 1960s. The concept is that money spent on black-owned businesses that hired Blacks, would help the Black race. During the practical height of this thought, companies that didn’t hire Blacks wouldn’t have Blacks as patrons. There’s something important to this concept of holding organizations accountable for their actions via finances. It does take a level of consciousness to perceive it, but we believe it’s highly important to be conscious of how money is used for or against a people. Of course, Blacks are not the only ones. Our Latino cousins have experienced the same effects of this system.


During 1970’s several federal programs became available that promoted minority businesses. This helped increase the number of Black-owned and operated companies. While a lot of companies internationally grew to attract melanated folk, the number of Black-owned companies grew. In 2012, there were 2.6 million reported Black-owned businesses.  Washington D.C., Mississippi, and Atlanta were the states at the top with the most Black-owned businesses. New York City and Atlanta respectively had the city titles for most Black-owned businesses.


While it sounds like everything has been on the rise, it isn’t as beneficial as it would seem for Black communities. Many companies are disconnected from a sustainable base, don’t have the resources, or unwilling to adapt to the changing financial times. At Zambo Aroma, we don’t want to be one of those companies that gets lost in the process. We are working towards so many things that can be healing for a person and community.


This year, we are rediscovering and connecting with our past to build a stronger future. We’ll be actively sourcing more of our ingredients from Black, Brown, or sustainable growers. It’s important to highlight those that work to create the products we love. New products will be added to our shop that will make the skin look its best. Sidenote: we do not sell any products that lighten skin in any way. We do not condone it. We’ll also be launching several product lines that target skin issues.


Events will become an even more active role in our function. We’ll be hosting several events throughout the year to connect with people in exciting ways. Watch out for classes, parties, and fashion shows. We are taking on greater partnerships and opportunities to connect with the community. People interested in meditation, yoga, or artistic healing should definitely be on the watch! Join our mailing list to learn about some of these. Contact us if you’re interested in having an event in our space or a partnership. Follow us on our social media channels to get a behind the scenes.


To feel your best, you need to look your best. Treat yourself to something wonderful. We believe that if you treat yourself better you’ll treat your kids, partner, house, community, nation, and the world better as well.


Shop Black. Shop Natural. Shop Knowledge. Shop Love. Shop Vibes.

Shop Zambo Aroma.



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