Tree Alexander




Carlton Rolle


What’s up y’all. I’m Carlton. My passion has always been towards helping people, whether internally or externally. When people come to Zambo Aroma, I want them to feel comforted knowing that there are other people working towards our collective prosperity. There are so many things that we need as a community and it’s my goal to provide as many opportunities for our people as possible. 


Egpytt Labeija




Elaine Peralta


Hey! I’m Elaine the Production Assistant at Zambo Aroma. At Zambo we make our customers feel welcomed and safe. Our products are made with different natural ingredients. Not only do they make people look great, but they boost your energy. Come by and get right with us!


Esther Adutu


With my Zambo Aroma family, I’m known as the “Tea Lady.”  I’m all about promoting medicinal wellness through cannabis-infused teas. I love that Zambo Aroma provides a space to take care of people’s mental, emotional, and physical health. Visiting the store truly uplifts your spirits. Come down to store for a spot of cannatea and for your self-care needs!

Raven Lopez


Black Beauty is the best beauty. Love your body, curves, and mind. Let Zambo show you the way to self-care. If you’re ready to feel natural beauty, Zambo Aroma got you, Kings and Queens. My role here at the company is to be an example for people to love themselves. It’s my mission to help others love and express themselves better.


Jackie Jones


I’m am an outgoing, energetic, people-oriented person that shines positivity. I like working at Zambo Aroma because of its fun-loving family home-away-from-home atmosphere. My position at Zambo Aroma is to help the family grow and prosper in multiple stores.


Joshua Myers


What’s going on? My name is Joshua. I’m the Content Producer at Zambo Aroma. My 2020 resolution was to support more local Black-owned businesses with my passion for photography. I found the perfect match! Zambo is everything I feel about my people beautiful, premium-quality, and handmade to perfection. Let’s bless this world we live in.



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