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What better way to learn about Zambo Aroma than hearing from some who shop here? Check out some of our reviews and add one of your own.

We pride ourselves in providing quality products and service to our community.

“This place is an actual Oasis. It’s warm and inviting, the owners are amazing, and the energy in the place is inspiring. Their handmade products go above and beyond for yourself care needs, they will leave you feeling like your best self.” ~Odette F5-Stars

“People are there very very friendly always make you feel comfortable and I love the way this place smells.” ~Makisha V 5-Stars

“Omg so dope I don’t know where to start. The decor is so nature inspired and thoughtful. The colors and burning sage all harmoniously blend together and just give you feel good vibes. I was greeted by the 2 gentlemen who were really warm and welcoming. Did I mention they were generous and helpful too!? They gave my son and I a nice little goodie bag of sample sized soaps. It felt like family. I mean literally they have everything you need for natural skin care, bath, and body. Oh plus they gave us chalk to sign the chalkboard wall. I have absolutely no desire to walk into a store like LUSH… when we have this beautiful gem like Zambo Aroma right here locally in the Bronx…. Where I felt appreciated and welcomed. It was a wonderful experience.” ~Sayeeda S 5-Stars

I cannot speak highly enough about my experience at this amazing, black-owned establishment. My husband organized a Paint and Sip event for my 30th Birthday and we had an amazing time. Tree led us through our paintings. He was patient, understanding of my lack of artistic ability, and was very candid in sharing his story. We will definitely be back to enjoy the handmade, natural products and the various events (Paint and Sip, meditation, tea time, etc). ~Yasmine R 5-Stars

“Love this store! It’s a great asset to the neighborhood!” ~ Kimberly K 5-Stars

“The atmosphere was very inviting with a kaleidoscope of different aromas filling the air but yet the scents were not overwhelming, I met the owner and he explained how everything was natural and hand made .. I wanted to get everything in the store” 😁 ~Shannakay S 5-Stars

“I was never into natural products but this store just changed my mind. Can’t wait to use my body scrub. I wish I could give 10 stars.” ~Kenyetta F 5-Stars

“Received everything I needed with care for the purpose of creating a body care basket for a fund raiser. Whoever wins this basket, won’t be sorry. Thank you for such a great experience.” ~Pamela L 5-Stars

“Beautiful natural store. I felt the great energy the moment I walked into to the store. The customer service was excellent. First time visiting the store, definitely coming back. Thanks, for the great products and service. Happy Camper.” ~Melva L 5-Stars

“What a gem in the neighborhood!  Tree Alexander, the owner welcomes you with warm vibes and a warm smile as soon as you enter!  I no longer need to drive to Brooklyn or Harlem to fulfill my needs for quality, hand made, natural essential oils, soaps, body butters, scrubs and more. Tree took his time to personally escort me around the time, point out the best uses for each product and ensure I was able to test each one. Plus, the price is “right”!  You won’t go broke here making sure you meet your health/beauty/mind needs.
Additional note:  Tree informed me they host events on site such as paint and sips, and other art minded events… be sure to check them out!” ~Melanie S 5-Stars

“I love shopping at zambo and I will have friends and family to check it out” ~Lisa S 5-Stars

“Always wonderful products and I can never leave the shop without by more than four items one purchase always something new fresh and great for your skin. Absolute best products on the Earth” ~Geraldine N 5-Stars

“EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!! I hope this business stays, my neighborhood needs this!!!” ~Nicole M5-Stars

“I’d advise everyone to come to this shop. One of the best places in the bx for self care products.  I will be going back there again and im telling all my friends ~David C 5-Stars

“Love the atmosphere warm and friendly and homie make you feel like you know your customers.” ~Helen B 5-Stars

“This place is an Amazing experience. The owner, staff and environment is sooo welcoming… I am definitely coming back for another event and to shop for all my natural products here.” ~Glenda A 5-Stars

“Amazing! Phenomenal! Clean! Well stocked shelves! Excellent communication! A place I would shop on a regular basis.” ~Regina C 5-Stars

“I swear by this product and brand. Great people and AMAZING products. I’m happy to find self care products that are organic and healthier. Definitely recommend Zambo Aroma to everyone.” ~Kevyn M 5-Stars

“The Ambience and the Serenity each time I walk into Zambo… is Amazing, breathe-taking, and personal. Love going there! Amazing Customer Service… Thank you Zambo Aroma!” 🇬🇭❤️ ~Sonya D 5-Stars

“The experience was amazing the customer service was superb. From the moment that you walk into the store you feel this sense of calmness and peace. The presentation of the product was very well executed and made for a very smooth shopping experience.” ~Gena J 5-Stars

“AMAZING SPACE! you took the time to explain each product to me and patiently wait as I sorted through many options. thank you!” ~Tameka E 5-Stars

“This was my first time shopping there and I had a wonderful experience. Everyone was welcoming and friendly. I am most certainly going back there to support this business and I’m definitely going to share my experience with others. I’m so glad that you’re in my community. Praying for this business to thrive.” ~Antoinette S 5-Stars

“Thank you for gift wrapping the soaps for my friend. You guys are awesome. Keep doing what you’re doing.” ~Francisco B 5-Stars

“So glad I found this store! Smelling good & on a budget! Tree & Carlton are amazing!!!” ~Joseiry R 5-Stars

“The care and love I feel through every time I use these products it’s breathtaking” ❤️ ~Michelle L 5-Stars

“The soaps, body butter & lip balm that I got were ALL amazing. The service was great, complete gentlemen. Great laughs and left very happy.” ~Tiffany J 5-Stars

Entering the store you are welcome with a beautiful aroma literally It changes your mood. ~ Sherlly-ann 5-Stars