We’re Open: Zambo Aroma 2020

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Owners of a shop specializing in handmade self-care products are attracting customers from all over the community, encouraging others to pamper themselves. 

Zambo Aroma says they are all about making sure people can feel better. Owners Tree Alexander and Carlton Rolle say they live nearby. 

They say those people are their customers and that’s why they strive to keep prices low. 

Alexander says he realized himself how important it is to take a mental health break–sparking the idea for Zambo Aroma.

“With all the things going on in our household, we found it very difficult to take time to think of ourselves, to treat ourselves kindly and get our hair done and make sure our beards and stuff are taken care of,” said Alexander. 

The shop is located on White Plains Road. They also host workshops about mental health and meditation. 

They say they’re always looking for ways to give back to their community.

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Shea Butter Baby

Zambo Aroma is the Shea Butter House of the Bronx.

As many of your know, we create all of our products in our store at 3848 White Plains Road in the Bronx, New York. We’re incredibly proud of our accomplishments and love the community that we’ve established. As a way to show greater support for creatives, we partnered with a few of our friends to create beautiful artwork.

Check out this beautiful dance performance by the talented O’Shae “Sage” Sibley. As a dancer, wath as he flexs, twirls, vogues, and more in our physical store. Shot and edited by Kevyn Mines. The soulful song is Ari Lennox – Shea Butter Baby.

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We’re 100% Essential

Zambo Aroma is 100% essential to stopping the spread of COVID-19.

We create sanitary products by hand. This ensures each product is quality and going to do what it’s supposed to do. We’re committed to ensuring people take care of themselves through the use of soap, body butter, and more.

Teaching people the importance of personal hygiene is important and even more so now than ever. At Zambo Aroma, we want people to love themselves by taking care of their skin, hair, and air around them. In this difficult time, people are inundated with information. Everyone should continue to be mindful of what they hear and the source of it.

Our Corona Virus Response Team

Zambo Aroma provides several products that directly correlate to methods that can reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Explore our online store and products.

Washing your hands with soap and water kills or removes bacteria that is on your hands. To properly do so, wet your hands with water. Apply enough soap to cover your hands. Scrub the soap over all surfaces of your hands for at least 20 seconds. This includes between the fingers, under nails, or the back of your hand. Rinse your hand thoroughly with water and dry them on a clean cloth. Apply your desired moisturizer afterward.

Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after interacting with outside spaces or businesses. Food preparation and eating also requires a level of cleanliness.

Through taking greater care of yourself, you can support loved ones, and more. To watch the entire video of New York Governor Cuomo giving an update about the virus, click here. For a greater amount of information regarding is pandemic across the globe, visit the World Health Organization.

Zambo Aroma is 100% essential to slowing the spread of the Corona Virus.

We’re New York Tough.

outside store

We Need Your HELP: GoFundMe

Zambo Aroma opened our storefront in summer 2018 and right away became a unique place. Since then we have grown from a simple soap shop to a cultural community center with classes, events, and workshops focused on self-care and holistic wellness. We also have focused on building our network of black business owners and entrepreneurs through networking, mentoring, and sponsorships.

Recently the store had an electrical fire. The external damage to the store was minimal, but the internal re-wiring is costly. Since the event, the physical store hasn’t had electric power. It won’t be restored until the situation is fixed and deemed safe.

While this situation is common for older buildings, it was unexpected for us. We’ve tried our best to manage to move to a remote location to continue production and promote online sales. But unfortunately, before we could catch a moment to announce what happened the store was burglarized. The thief slid underneath the locked outside gate and shattered the front door of the store. Using brute force to break the glass, the entire front door was broken. The vandal(s) took store cash, electronics, and products.

One event like this could cripple any small business like us. As a small family-owned business that was started without a loan or investor we have been devastated by this unfortunate string of events and we fear our survival. Our small family has given our entire savings to start and maintain such a unique business welcoming to all communities and focused on promoting self-care.

While we fight the depression of caring such a heavy load We’re asking individuals and organizations to help us stay open to continue being a beacon of light and love for our Bronx community and those who need it the most. 

Become Apart Of Our Story

We’re community-driven and want to honor everyone that has supported us. Anyone that donates over $50 to our company will receive a special thank you and have their name engraved on our outside wall in a new art installation. We want our community to take pride in the neighborhood that we all share. We hope that you would give as much as you can.

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2019 Recap

We’ve been pushing hard at Zambo Aroma to create high-quality products and experiences for our customers. 2019 has been a wild, tough year for so many people… ourselves included. But there’s been a lot of wonderful experiences that have occurred in the year as well.

We want to take the time to reaffirm ourselves to the community at large. There are so many ways that individuals and organizations can connect or help people.


We spent a lot of time figuring out the perfect ratio and scent for different soaps, body butters, and more. This caused an introduction and expansion of many items. Some people enjoy the turmeric family while others love the peppermint or lavender families. We love them all. In the upcoming months and new year, we’ll be introducing several new items to our store that will work towards keeping you smelling good and looking for the finest. We’ll also be bringing in products that focus on spiritually cleansing a space or your body. Lastly, we’ll announce the addition of a completely new product line/brand from Zambo Aroma targeting pain management and more. Watch out for them.

Explore our products in the shop.

Community Outreach

It takes a village to keep a village alive. We’ve seen and felt this on a large degree in 2019. Zambo Aroma wants to shout out all of the organizations that we’ve worked with.

  • Montefiore Hospital
  • Housing Works
  • Association of Progressive Dominicans
  • Cole Network System
  • Girls Mentor Girls
  • Tutor The Bronx
  • NYC Community Board 12
  • Only US Collective
  • Princess Janae Place
  • DBGM (Depressed Black Gay Men)
  • Mpowerment Bronx
  • Mpowerment Queens
  • Mpowerment Manhattan
  • Kappa Psi Kappa Fraternity
  • Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority
  • Miracle Deliverance International Ministeries
  • BLOOM (Black Leaders On Our Mission)
  • Paralegals for the Community LLC
  • Bronx River Alliance
  • Phenomenal Women Empowerment Alliance
  • HIV Stops With Me Campaign
  • Center for Community Alternatives

Opening our physical store up to events changed the way we interacted with the community. We have held so many events at the store that it’s wild! We’re incredibly thankful to have community members that are dedicated to holistic healing and expression in the Bronx. The work is necessary, but we’re just beginning. With greater numbers, we have greater opportunities. We’ll have employment opportunities soon.

Special Thanks

We want to mention some of the brands and people that we’ve partnered with to create memorable experiences.

  • Eighth Flower
  • Coach Melona Rose
  • 103.3 World Radio
  • Meeka Luxury Candles
  • Nastassia
  • Milk + Honey Podcast
  • Chef Cakes
  • Bubbesz
  • Zumba Kenny and Maurice
  • Yoga Instructor Muriel E.
  • Basket Case Life
  • Shawn Hill
  • Sign Gospel Radio

If you’re interested in working with us, please send us an e-mail.

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