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Zambo Aroma’s collections features products with the same base ingredient or scent. Products within the same collection work together on the skin. Cleanse, moisturize, and heal your skin with a new regimen.

Naga Warrior

Detoxify your skin and hair utilizing the properties of peppermint, eucalyptus, and activated charcoal. Products in this collection open the pores while removing dirt and oil buildup.

Invigorate your senses or detoxify your skin with these products.


Stimulate your skin and hair using turmeric. Help your skin to heal and naturally glow with antioxidant rich and anti-inflammatory properties.

Revitalize and brighten your skin using these products.


Embrace the soothing power of roses with the Caress Collection. Get your skin to be as soft and plump as possible while reducing signs of aging.

Appreciate the anti-aging power of roses in these products.

Sea Moss

Enrich your skin with the nutrient rich ocean plant, sea moss. The anti-aging properties of this collection, make this a great addition to your skin health regimen.

Infuse your body with vitamins and minerals to look your best with these products.


sea moss collection

Zen Breeze

Attain peace with your skin using this  collection. Utilize the antiseptic cleaning properties of lemongrass.

Keep yourself zesty clean using the natural lemongrass of these products.


Embrace the aromatherapy of lavender while nourishing your body with soaps, oils, candles, and more.

Calm your senses using these aromatherapeutic products.


Let light reflect off your skin the way it’s supposed to with our Gold Collection. Products in this collection utilize the luxury of gold.

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