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Glass Recycling Program

We’re working to create a healthy world one person at a time. This mindset is spreading to our packaging as well. We want to have natural products, bio-degradable wax, recyclable packaging, fair-trade sourcing, and more. With our Glass Recycling Program, you can recycle our glass vessels and get rewarded for it.

What is needed for this program:
A minimum of 4 vessels is required for this program reward. The inside of the vessels must be clean. Don’t worry about the label. Any glass jars that you have from Zambo Aroma can be sent in for this reward. This includes candles, serum jars, and perfume bottles.

Here’s the best way to clean the vessels!

Benefits of the program:

  • Reduce landfill waste
  • 5% Discount for each vessel
  • More room for new products!

How to package vessels for safe shipping:
To be sure of the safest return, wrap the jars in bubble wrap or kraft paper. You will be responsible for shipping costs. Once packaged make sure there is little room in the box for movement to limit the risk of the glass breaking. Please contact us to ensure we are aware of the shipment and can apply the reward credit to your account. Send the package to: Zambo Aroma, 3848 White Plains Road, Bronx, New York, 10467.

Let’s become more eco-friendly and responsible.

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