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How to treat your skin during the Cold Season


It’s that time of year. The weather is getting cold on the East Coast of America. That means many people will have to deal with dry, brittle skin. Of course, it’s uncomfortable, painful, and looks horrible. When not moisturized properly, it can lead to a more severe case of dryness, inflammation, and scarring. Trying different products can leave you with residue or drier skin. It’s a battle to keep moisturized without feeling gooey or shiny. If you or someone you care about has skin sensitivity issues like eczema, psoriasis, and inflammation, these issues may flare even more during this time of the year.


Thankfully there’s a company like Zambo Aroma that cares about your skin. Below is a list of things that can be done to prevent or improve your skin during the cold season. Use these to get into a regimen that works for you keeps your skin looking its best.


Shower Wisely. Some folk may take showers multiple times a day. This isn’t a problem, but it could be stripping your skin of too much oil that it produces. Leaving you drier for longer periods of time. Reducing the number of times you expose your skin to water will also keep your pores more closed and less susceptible to foreign germs.


Hydrate and Moisturize. The most effective time to put lotion, skin oils, or body butter on your skin is when it is damp after bathing. This allows your skin to absorb the moisture as much as possible. Many of the oils and butters that Zambo Aroma uses helps lock in moisture in your skin to leave it hydrated.


Go Natural. Use products that have as many natural ingredients in it as possible. These ingredients normally have the most nutrients and benefits for your skin. Ensuring the products are natural prevents chemicals or other irritants from getting into your skin.


Don’t Scratch. Sometimes it seems like you just must scratch your skin off, but you must resist it. Scratching will only irritate your skin more. If it’s too bad, put some cream, lotion, or oil to help soothe your skin.


Exfoliate. Dry skin builds up quickly in layers. During the winter, you may not notice for several weeks until noticing how bad it is. While many people put lotion on to soothe the skin, it doesn’t go away. Eventually it’s time to scrub away that dead skin and allow new skin to grow. The more you exfoliate, the smoother and healthier your skin will be. Don’t over scrub your skin through. Too much scrubbing will leave your skin raw and sensitive.


Turn on the humidifier. If you spend a lot of time in a certain area or room, consider getting a humidifier for the air. Humidifiers put water vapor in the air to make it easier for you to breathe or your skin from drying out. Personal space heaters will also help curb the effect of exposing your skin to cold temperatures.


Don’t deal with your dry skin. Treat your dry skin.

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