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In Loving Color

Zambo Aroma supports wellbeing. This comes in different types, concepts, creative modes, and more. We’ve teamed with a group of Black & Queer filmmakers. They are raising money for their upcoming short film, In Loving Color: Black Queer Love on Film. The project will celebrate Black and queer millennial couples, highlighting in the Atlanta area. 

This film is a labor of love from them to their fellow Black & Queer community members. Their belief is that the community deserves to see themselves love each other as loudly and proudly as they have had to learn to love themselves individually. They want their audience to see themselves & feel the emotions of the spectrum of love that exists between partners.

“In Loving Color: Black Queer Love on Film is Love’s expression through art, seeing those colors in motion; it is an exploration of Love in Black queer partnerships. Black queer Love is special: it is resistant, it is pure, it is sacred, it is real, it is majestic, it is community. We deserve to see ourselves love each other as loudly and proudly as we have had to learn to love ourselves individually; I believe we’ve earned the God-given right to do so. In a short mini-documentary, we will sit down with five couples in Atlanta, GA, while they talk about their journey as individuals and as partners – and what it means to be Black, queer, and in love.”

Afiya Jannah John

Currently, they are crowdfunding to raise funds to pay production costs while getting the film into festivals and screenings for the community. In order to keep any of their contributions, they have to reach part of their goal.

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Zambo Aroma shows its support through positive networking and wellbeing. Anyone that purchases Zambo Aroma’s products using the coupon code: ILC will get a discount and donate a portion of the sale to support In Loving Color.

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There will be other opportunities for those in the area of Zambo Aroma to be involved with this project. Stay tuned.

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