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Introducing Basket Case Life


At Zambo Aroma, we focus on bringing unique handcrafted products to people’s homes, work, and activities. We believe in sustainability and prosperity in the name of high-quality.

While we love creating items, we can’t do it all. We’ve decided to bring in different brands that represent quality, sustainability, aesthetics, and Black Excellence (of course!) As of today, we’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with Basket Case Life.

Basket Case Life is home to handwoven baskets made in Ngaye, Senegal. These baskets come in an array of styles and colors to give people the perfect item they’re looking for. Use these baskets for storage, decor, or aesthetic beauty.

The brand sources directly from people that hand weaves the baskets made. Deep in the rural areas of Senegal, Africa, women utilize skills passed down through the generations. The process of creating the basket is known as coiling. Local grass is cut, dried, and tightly wrapped in recycled plastic strips. These baskets are incredibly durable and eco-friendly.

Zambo Aroma teamed with the Basket Case Life to bring greater awareness and adoration for Black women across the globe.

When you purchase one of these baskets, you’re providing for Black women and children across the globe. You’re promoting skill-sharing and communal business. You’re living with beauty and passion.

Visit the Zambo Aroma store at 3848 White Plains Road, Bronx, NY, 10467 to purchase your next Basket Case Life.

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