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I AM HER: Women’s Empowerment Seminar

I AM HER: Women’s Empowerment Seminar

February 26, 2022

I AM HER: EMPOWERMENT SEMINAR touches on the two things that women of color feel self-conscious about, our hair and our sensuality. The goal of this event is to promote self-love and confidence by connecting to ourselves inside and out, focusing on our root and crown chakras.


Part 1: “Reclaiming Your Crown”

An interactive class teaching and guiding women of color to properly manage and care for coily and curly hair. Instructors will be featuring techniques and product recommendations for various hairstyles, such as twist-outs, Flexi-rods, wash & go, etc.

Hear a brief history of hair and it’s connection to spirituality from licensed professionals, followed by a judgment-free Q & A session. “Reclaiming your Crown” will end with a live hands-on demonstration of healthy hair care regimen for various curl types and textures.


Part 2: “Discovering Your Power: Your Root Charka”

This session is specifically designed to help women become confident, fearless, and empowered by discovering and connecting to our power within. We will start with a brief introduction and then lead into our “MEDEM MOVEMENT.”

The MEDEM Movement stands for Escape, Discover, and Empower.

ESCAPE our inhibitions and limitations by learning new movements to deeply connect to ourselves starting at the base, our root chakra, which leads us to DISCOVER our inner freedom and become comfortable by allowing ourselves to be open, vulnerable, and liberated. We will let go of all our limitations and perform freestyle to feel truly EMPOWERED.

The session consists of a 15-minute warmup/stretch, 45 minutes of instruction of Walk and Heel Movement Choreography, and Freestyle/Cool down at the end of the session.


Ticket Price Point:

Price includes 2-part workshop led by leading professionals in their respective fields and complimentary wine/ mimosa and free gift. Food will be available for purchase.

$45 - early bird special

$55 - Regular ticket price

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Zambo Aroma
3848 White Plains Road
Bronx, NY 10467

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