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Paint and Sippies Recap


We’d love to take some time to shout out all of the amazing efforts put into our event last week, Paint and Sippies. This Spring Family Forum focused on various things parents can do to maximize their child’s life.

Topics discussed included: defining parental success, financial literacy, helping children with homework, utilizing your support team in the school, to enjoying yourself. Participates were frank, empathetic, and caring. People were captivated by one another by their information, stories, and resources.

Please check out some of the pictures taken during the event.

There is official merchandise that can be purchased to support Tutor The Bronx in it’s cause. It is 16 oz glass bottles that comes with a sleeve for hot and cold temperatures. We have some bottles left in the store, but purchases can be made directly from Tutor The Bronx.

We can’t wait to do more work with Tutor The Bronx and FO-HA, BY-HA.

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