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Quickly revitalize any space whenever you want to with this aromatherapeutic freshener.

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Quickly revitalize any space whenever you want to with this aromatherapeutic freshener.

Our Aroma Mist brings incredible scents into your life. Quickly freshen up any space whenever you want to with several pumps of the spray. Use as much as you desire to revitalize any room, car, work-out space, shoes, workspace, or fabric. This air freshener eliminates odors and makes your space more inviting to others. Cleanse the air and relax as the therapeutic aroma mist fills the space. It’s safe to use of fine fabrics and your skin as well.

Infused with essential oils and fragrance extracts, each aroma mist will bring a different ambiance to your personal space.

  • Fresh Linen – Enjoy the fresh aroma even when things aren’t so fresh.
  • Relax – Embrace the relaxing scent of lavender and chamomile.
  • E. Cotton – The cleanliness of cotton with a twist.
  • Backwoods – Deep, musky, and welcoming.
  • Treehouse – What the cabin of dreams would smell like. If Palo Santo isn’t burned.
  • Cherry Tree – A vibrant burst of sweet cherry.
  • Bliss – Vibrant notes of peaches and plums with subtle vanilla and jasmine.
  • Basil Swirl – The fresh, herbal smell of basil on a clean, Spring day.

Directions for use: Point the spray in the direction opposite from you. Push several times to ensure the air is saturated with the smell. Depending on the airflow of the room, the aroma will disperse throughout.

Safe to use in the air, clothing, fabric, or even skin. If your skin is sensitive, spray a small amount on a section of your skin to see.

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Weight 4.3 oz
Dimensions 1.5 × 1.5 × 6.5 in

Fresh Linen, Relax, E. Cotton, Cherry Tree, Backwoods, Treehouse, Bliss, Basil Swirl


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