Aso Creme

Aso Creme


This is a hydrating deep conditioner that repairs dry or damaged hair to leave it feeling soft and manageable.

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Weight 8.4 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 3 in


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Hydrating Deep Conditioner (Leave-In)
Repairs dry or damaged hair to leave it feeling soft and manageable.

In Yoruba, “aso” means soft. Our Aso Crème is a leave-in conditioner that smooths and hydrates dry damaged hair. It provides moisturization to dry or damaged hair without leaving buildup in your hair. Essential oils help repair or restore hair to look healthy and shiny.

This smoothing hair creme provides penetrating moisture to the hair. It’s made for people that need to moisturize their hair after shampooing. Using the Aso Creme helps prevent damage to hair after blow-drying, straightening, or curling. Treat your hair with a hydrating moisturizer that doesn’t feel heavy and leaves your hair soft. The cleansing scent acts as an aromatic freshener as well. Appreciate the moisture and shine that you get from keeping your hair moisturized. You can apply the creme to your hair after washing or when your hair is dry and brittle.

If you’re looking for a detangling conditioner, try our Tutu Conditioner to loosen up hair knots and tangles. To detangle knots, apply a little water to the hair with the product. Use a wide-toothed comb to gently comb out tangled hair.

Moisturize your hair with smoothy goodness using our Aso Creme.

  • Provides moisturization to dry or damaged hair.
  • Great for all hair textures and types.
  • Made without silicones, parabens, mineral oil, alcohol, dyes, or petroleum.

Ingredients – Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Water, Rosemary Essential Oil, Ginseng Extract, and Neem Oil.

Usage Instructions – For thin or oily hair, use a small amount. For thick, curly, or kinky hair, use a generous amount. Add the desired amount into your palms then rub them together. Apply into your hair making sure you work the product from your scalp to the end of the hair follicle. If you’re going to rinse it out, wait for 5 – 10 minutes then rinse out with warm water.