Aspen Perfume

Aspen Perfume

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Weight 10.6 oz
Dimensions 2.66 × 1.25 × 5.5 in

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Take charge and treat yourself to an aromatic experience with our Aspen Spray. Our luxurious fragrance spray is made to appeal to the sophisticated and clean person. The aromatic smell of herbs, fresh air, earth, and cleanliness will have you (and those around you) coming back for another sniff. Smell amazing all-day with very little needed to respray.

This clean scented fragrance is geared towards masculine people. Catch heavy notes of wood and spice with bright ginger or pepper as a highlight. Stand out and feel suave anywhere with this spray.

This spray is considered a Perfume or (Eau de Parfum) due to the concentration of oil that is used to create the product. It holds the scent for a long portion of the day to ensure you smell great no matter where you are. The sensual blend of oils used creates an explosive fragrance that isn’t overpowering for the user or people around. We use 190 proof vodka to bind with oil scents and last for hours so several spaced out sprays will carry the scent. Before each use, lightly shake the bottle to ensure any oil separated gets evenly dispersed.

Feel suave everywhere with Aspen.

  • 3.6oz of liquid
  • Safe to use on skin, hair, and fabric
  • No parabens, additives, or animal testing

Ingredients – Vodka, Alcohol, Glycerin, and Fragrance Oil.

Usage Instructions – Hold the bottle 3 – 6 inches from your skin. Ensure that the circle nozzle is facing the direction you want the spray to go. Push down on the nozzle for an even burst of fragrance. For best application, use after getting out of the shower or directly on the skin.

Avoid spraying this product into your eyes and mouth. If so, immediately flush the area with cool water until no longer irritated. If you have sensitive skin, try a spray test on a small portion of your skin to ensure no reaction happens.