Feather Wand

Feather Wand


Beautifully shaped feather for smudging with beige suede, twine, and beads.

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Weight .15 oz
Dimensions .5 × 6 × 13 in


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Beautifully shaped feather wand for smudging with beige suede, twine, and beads.


Smudging feather, also known as a feather fan or smudge fan. These are traditionally used with burning sage during prayer and cleansing to direct the smudging smoke where you want it to go. When smudging any herbs, the burning herbs are placed in a fireproof plate or bowl. As the herbs burn, use a feather wand to fan the ember and create more smoke. When burning herbs, you must set the intentions of what you want to happen. Think about it, state it outloud, and pray about it.


Smudging feathers are a traditional element used in a smudging ceremony. The feather is used to waft the cleansing smoke around the body, around the items that require cleansing, around a room, etc. Birds are revered by ancient people because of their closeness with spirits. The spirit of the bird is believed to come through using their feathers in the fans which connects the spirits during a ceremony. The feathers move the energy through the sweeping motion, much like that of a bird in flight. Using the feather, spread the smoke all around yourself first, then over what it is you are cleansing. Next walk about the area, person or object you are smudging, fanning the smoke. This clears negative energy, cleanses, focuses and purifies that which is being smudged.


These wands are handmade. Each one will have slight variations to the way they look.


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