Florida Water

Florida Water


Cleanse and charge yourself before doing any intense work with Florida Water.

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Appreciate the floral scent with lemon highlights using our Florida Water. Aroma wise our water is based on the classic smell of Florida Water with an emphasis on lemon highlights and Earthly undertones. Dating back to the early 1800’s people would use this mixture as a cologne, aftershave, bath addition, or spiritual cleanser. The product originally got its name from the fabled Fountain of Youth which was believed to exist in Florida.

Pour a little of this water on your hands, add a few dabs on your neck and head. Our Florida Water is created using all-natural essential oils. Witch hazel is a wonderful agent for hydrating and cleansing the skin. As a skin tonic, people use Florida Water as a skin toner to cleanse oily skin. This eau de toilette is great to use while you are bathing or immediately after getting out of the shower. Revitalize your skin with a quick splash, as an aftershave, or a fragrant addition to a bath. Cleanse and charge yourself before doing any intense work with Florida Water.

Instantly feel the uplifting effects of this water. Utilize the power of this water by pouring it to anoint objects such as crystals, jewelry, an altar, and more. It’s safe to use on your body as an aromatic amplification, especially after bathing. Whenever you use it, you should focus on intentions. Pour it anywhere you feel the need to cleanse the energy.

Use this as a body freshener and spiritual protector. Try our Rose Water or Sage Mist.

Stay prepared using our Florida Water.

Product Features –

  • Refreshing and leaves the skin smelling nice
  • Defined citrus aroma without being overpowering
  • Size: 2 fl oz (68 ml)

Ingredients: Alcohol, Witch Hazel, Water, Essential Oil Blend, Aloe Extract, and Blue Coloring.

Directions for use: Prepare for spiritual work or cleanse yourself of energy with Florida Water.

Before doing reiki, readings, or any other spirit work, pour some of the water into your hands and rub them over yourself. If the work is in a targeted region, ensure that the water is rubbed on the area. Make sure to dab a bit on your head and crown to make sure the energy around you is cleansed.

Disclaimer: This item is known as a curio. By law, it is so stated this listing is for entertainment purposes only. We can’t guarantee effects.

For external use only.