Incense Holder

Incense Holder

Burn your incense safely inside a high-quality wooden holder.

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Weight 11.1 oz
Dimensions 12.25 × 2.25 × 2.5 in

Coffin, Tower, Tray


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Burn your incense in style with these wood incense holders.

Coffin Style

This coffin-style holder protects the burning of incense sticks from fire hazards. There is a small hole for holding the sticks on both sides of the holder. Two brass circles are at the bottom of the holder as well for burning cone incense. The holder also has a hidden chamber at the bottom to store unused sticks. The design features cut out geometric shapes with in-laid brass.

Tower Style

The tower-style incense holder stands upright and comes in two pieces. The bottom base has several holes to place incense sticks upright. The top tower piece covers the incense to safely collect ash while the stick is burning. Geometric cut-out shapes allow for the incense smoke to spread throughout the area.

Tray Style

The tray-style incense holder is a flat tray with a hole on the lifted part to allow the incense stick to easily rest. As the stick burns, the ashes fall onto the tray making the cleanup easy as possible. Each tray has a different style.

Cleaning after incense is easier by dumping the ash after collection. Please use a damp clothe if you wipe down the item. Check out the incense we have in the store.

Burn your incense without worry using an Incense Holder.


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