Incense Sticks

Incense Sticks


Infuse the air with a welcoming scent using these hand dipped incense sticks.

Weight .1 oz
Dimensions 11 × .1 × .1 in

Kush, Deep Wood, Afro Knights, Lilie's Valley, Patcholli, Dragon Blood, Nag Champa, Bliss, Honey Bean, Frank & Myrrh, Sandalwood, Passion Punch


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Infuse the air with a powerfully welcoming scent. Use these incense sticks after cleaning, to relax, during prayer, or as a way to add ambiance to a place. As a practical use, utilize incense to cover the smell of cooked food, smoke, or other unpleasant odors. When around powerful aromas, they can promote relaxation, sleep aid, creativity, concentration, and more.

  • Bliss – Inhale the fruit of the earth
  • Blue Lotus – A refreshingly clean, crisp aroma
  • Deep Wood – The freshness of a meadow in the woods
  • Afro Knights  – Rich masculine scent with sweetness as a highlighter
  • Dragon Blood – Sweet and tangy musk aroma
  • Frank & Myrrh – The traditional smell of frankincense and myrrh
  • Honey Bean – The succulence of honey with the sweetness of vanilla
  • Lille’s Valley – A robust aroma of flowers
  • Nag Champa – Deep earthy scent
  • Sandalwood – Traditional sweet sandalwood
  • Passion Punch – Fruity with a floral twist

These incense sticks are roughly 11 inches long. Once lit, it burns for roughly 40 minutes. The freshly burnt incense fills the entire room with a long-lasting aroma. Each pack holds 10 incense sticks.

Use an incense holder to collect ashes and make the clean-up easier.

Embrace the aromatherapy of Incense Sticks.

Usage Instructions – These are meant to be burned while supervised. Never leave burning sticks unattended.