Mountain Sage Scrub


Reveal softer, glowing skin with fine exfoliating sugar crystals in a moisturizing, salt and oil-based scrub that smells like fresh herbs.

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Reveal softer, glowing skin with fine exfoliating salt crystals in a moisturizing, salt and oil-based scrub that smells like fresh herbs with our Mountain Sage Scrub. This salt scrub is a mixture of Dead Sea Salt and Himalayan Pink Salt to reduce inflammation, draw out toxins, and balance your skin’s pH level. Himalayan Pink Salt is known for its beautiful shades of pink that show trace elements of iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium.  All of which are highly beneficial to the body. The general heaviness of the coconut oil and olive oil ensure your skin stays moisturized throughout the entire exfoliating wash. Revive your skin and sense with the powerful healing nutrients found in the Mountain Sage Scrub.

  • Mineral-Rich: Vitamin E, Iron, Calcium, and more
  • Massage onto clean, damp skin in circular motions; rinse well.
  • Recommended for all skin types.
  • Use up to twice a week on your face.
  • Sulfate-free, Paraben-free.
  • Each purchase of body scrub comes with a wooden stick. The stick prevents bacteria on your skin from contaminating the body scrub in the jar.

Ingredients – Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Sea Clay, and Fragrance Oil Blend.

Benefits – Dead Sea Salt / Himalayan Pink Salt / Sea Clay

Mineral-rich dead sea salt and Himalayan Pink Salt detoxifies the skin by pulling dirt, heavy minerals, excess oils, and other pollutants out of the skin. They also balance the skin’s Ph balance, acts as a skin toner, and deodorizes the skin. Sea Clay helps deeply clean the skin by removing excess dirt and oils. It also helps tighten the skin and pores to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Usage Instructions – Face/Body

Apply a small amount of the scrub to your hand using the wooden stick. Rub in circular motions into damp skin. Avoid getting into eye and mouth region. Rinse with warm water and pat dry your skin. Use the scrub no more than twice a week on your face to prevent damaging your skin.

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