Naga Clay Mask

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 2.75 × 2.75 × 1 in


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This clay mask smoothes, heals, and detoxifies your skin.

Our Naga Clay Mask is made with 100% kaolin clay powder and activated charcoal. It naturally pulls oils from the skin. The clay enriches your natural complexion while pulling toxins out of your pores. Kaolin clay is used to tighten the skin and is beneficial for people with dry to normal skin. It’s an absorbent clay that absorbs negatively charged toxins in the skin or hair. Because the clay is super fine, it’s great to use in the colder season when the skin suffers from intense dryness.

Activated charcoal draws bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt, and other micro-particles to the surface of the skin, helping you to achieve an even complexion and fight skin blemishes. Charcoal is powder-fine to get deep into your skin to attach and remove unwanted oil. This helps to prevent acne from occurring by ensuring the pores are clean and open. People with acne or other skin ailments may have dark spots or scars. When used on the skin, activated charcoal can effectively reduce the appearance of scars, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation.

Once the activated charcoal clay mask is on your face, you’ll feel a deep pulling sensation on your skin. The harder the product gets on your face, the drier and tighter it feels. To remove the mask, use warm water to rinse your skin. If you have a preferred soap you like to use, this is a perfect time to use it.

Use this mask with facials, acne, foot soaps, insect bites, and more. It’s also safe to use this clay mask on your hair. If you have scalp irritations, itchiness, or dandruff this clay mask may help to reduce the amount of dandruff and oil in your hair. To rinse out of your hair, wash with shampoo then add a conditioner to prevent your hair from being too dry. Use this clay mask in your hair if you suffer from:

  • Dandruff
  • Oily Hair
  • Heat/Chemical Damage
  • Low Porosity

Detoxify your skin with our Naga Clay Mask.

Product Features –

  • Remove impurities from the skin like dirt, oil, and toxins that create buildup in pores.
  • Great at reducing acne and blemishes using 100% natural clay and powder.
  • Safe enough to use on sensitive skin.
  • Size: 2.4 oz

Skincare concerns: Clean/tighten pores, uneven skin tone, and oily skin. Regular application of activated charcoal may reduce the appearance of scars and acne.

How to use: Mix the clay powder with equal parts of raw apple cider vinegar. Stir the mixture until it’s a smooth paste. Apply a thin layer to your skin. Let it dry for 10 – 20 minutes. If you have sensitive skin, wash after 5 minutes. You may wish to add the clay to baths, add 2 – 3 tablespoons into the bathwater.

Store in a cool, dry place to prevent clumping.

**Warning: Your face may be red after using the mask. This is normal and will normalize in a short period of time. If you have severe reactions, test a part of your hand first. This clay mask may stain lighter color towels. Please be mindful when using it.

There are no preservatives, fragrances, or animal products used in this product.

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