Loofah – Organic

Loofah – Organic

This loofah easily removes dead skin and dirt from your skin.

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Originating from the natural fibers in gourds from the Luffa Cylindrica plant, this Loofah easily removes dead skin and dirt from your skin. When new, it feels stiff, but after soaking in hot water, it will soften the fibers and continue to soften over time. To use, rub it against one of your bar soaps or bath wash. Scrub in circular motions to remove dirt, oil, and other buildups from your skin.

Polish your skin like never before using a natural Loofah. Your skin will thank you later with a natural glow. Buff and scrub away dead skin cells, grime, and more while helping sop to cleanse and nourish deeper layers of skin. When you exfoliate often, it helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Appreciate a healthy, vibrant skin.

The natural state of the loofah has no dyes, plastic, or added processes to it. Check out our scrubbing mates.

Discover one of the many natural wonders of the sea with an Organic Loofah.

  • Sizes – Bar: 2″x2″.75 and Loaf: 2.75″x2.75″x6″
  • Exfoliate dead sea layers
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Hypoallergenic

Benefits – Exfoliate dead skin cells and dirt to leave your skin smooth.

Usage Instructions – Before first using, you may want to soap in warm water for 30 minutes. If you prefer a rougher wash, it’s okay to use it.  Discard after loofah becomes dirty or grimy.