Rose Water


This delicate smelling skin toner hydrates and helps your skin.

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Experience the refreshing scent of roses whenever you want. Use this fine mist spray as a skin astringent and toner. When sprayed or rubbed on the skin, our Rose Water causes the skin to tighten. Improve your skin’s elasticity and softness. Roses helps to hydrate your skin and seal in the moisture. Instantly feel the uplifting effects of this delicate plant. You can also spray in your hair to strengthen it while enjoying softer, shiner follicles.

Our Rose Water is steam-distilled from organic, fresh roses. Once the process is complete, we add witch hazel and a little alcohol. Alcohol is used in this toner as a preventative anti-microbial agent. Lastly, a few drops of fragrance oil create an additional layer of aromatherapeutic bliss.

When used regularly, rosewater helps to balance the skin’s pH level. While not as potent as rose essential oil, rosewater helps heal scars over time. Treat your stressed skin and body to something wonderful.
This delicate smelling skin toner hydrates and helps your skin. F

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