Sage Mist


This fragrant smelling skin toner hydrates and purifies your skin.

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Experience the purifying scent of sage whenever you want. Use this fine mist spray as a skin astringent and toner. When sprayed or rubbed on the skin, our Sage Mist causes the skin to feel refreshed. Instantly feel the uplifting effects of this delicate plant. Each spray brings a mist that helps the skin and spirit. The spray utilizes the forces of sage to clear and balance energy pathways.
Our Sage Mist is is created using 100% White California Sage. Alcohol is used in this toner as a preventative anti-microbial agent. Once the concentrated form of the sage mist is complete, we add witch hazel. Witch hazel is a wonderful agent for hydrating and cleaning the skin. Lastly, a few drops of fragrance oil create an additional layer of aromatherapeutic bliss.
Remove negativity from your space or face with our purifying Sage Mist. Get the benefits of sage without having to burn sage. You can spray several times in an area or room to enjoy of the metaphysical benefits of Sage. Remove odors and negative energy. Treat

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