Each Sapo is designed with knots to provide deep exfoliation for the skin with cleansing lather.

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Weight .05 oz
Dimensions 14 × 17 in


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The Sapo is truly an amazing cleansing experience. Use the sapo to scrub away dead skin and help to make way for healthy glowing skin. The unique knotted design of the towel allows you to create the perfect strength for exfoliation on your skin. People with dry skin, rough patches, mild irritations, or ingrown hairs will benefit greatly from the exfoliating knots. If you have skin irritations, be mindful to not scrub too hard.

The unique feature of the sapo is the knots at each intersection of the weaving. This creates a strong bond that soaks, suds, and scrubs. Scrubbing with the sapo sponge helps to remove the outer layer of dead skin, which gives room to new skin. Even though the towel can be rough at first, it is not abbrasive to the skin. It also works great as a skin regimen for people that get hair waxing. Reach all of your back, shoulders, or feet and stretch your muscles as you wash your body.

African people have used the net towel for hundreds of years. Our sapo towels are imported from Ghana. They are made to move through water and dry quickly. It significantly reduces bacteria from occurring.
How to use: Wet the sapo with warm water. Use your soap (liquid or bar) to create a lather. Scrub your body in circular motions. Stretch the netted towel to clean hard-to-reach areas. Once finished, rinse the towel of soap and hang up until the next use.
  • Made to easily reach and scrub hard-to-reach places. 
  • Washing machine friendly, durable, and dries quickly
  • Also known as sapor, eponge, djampe, and ekoussa
  • Imported from Ghana 


  • Creates excellent lather with a small amount of soap
  • Buffs away dead skin
  • Can help to exfoliate rough dry skin and acne areas
  • Perfect for hard-to-reach areas like feet, knees, and back
  • Clean material that makes bacteria growth difficult


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Once you’ve used a sapo, regular bath towels just won’t do.

  • Size: M – 14′ x 17′ When the towel is stretched, the length is doubled.
  • Mesh, 100% Nylon
  • The color selection is randomized.

Usage Directions: Use this daily basis as a replacement to cotton wash clothes. It’s safe to use on your face and body. Be mindful when wearing jewelry so that it doesn’t tug or get tangled.

Colors may fade the first use. Soak the net towel in warm water the night before to allow color to bleed out. Safe to wash in the machine in cold water. Do not use bleach or high heat temperatures.