Sea Moss

Sea Moss


This vitamin-packed plant will enrich your day with its various minerals that aid in the body’s performance.

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Dried Saint Lucian Sea Moss – Mineral-Rich Organic Superfood


Sea Moss is a algae known for its healing properties. There are different species of plant. We are currently sourcing directly from the island of Saint Lucia. The water there is dense with nutrients from the volcanic activity of the islands.Β The moss is harvested from the ocean then brought to shore. From there, the moss is dried in the sun and shipped to various places.

Sea moss can add to the body’s natural process. This can assist in bodily functions or skin treatments. The versatility of this plant is based on your need for it. It’s safe enough to add to smoothies or as a food dish. In other forms, it can be used to improve the look of skin and hair.

As with anything consumable, the properties of this plant will vary from person to person. You will also see the difference from one product to another. Using the plant can increase the overall nutritional value of your internal and external body. The more you use, the more you’re going to see the impact of the plant.

Sea moss is known to have 92 of the body’s minerals that it needs. Due to its high nutritional value, this plant is great at adding to various physical ailments. This vitamin-packed plant will enrich your day with its various minerals that aid in the body’s performance.

  • Aid in the removal of mucus from the body
  • Increase sexual health as a sperm increaser and aphrodisiac
  • Balance hormones to improve thyroid health
  • Improve joint and bone health
  • Good for the blood or blood issues
  • Helps with skin conditions
  • Anti-inflammatory properties

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Nourish your body with Sea Moss.

Ingredients: 100% Sea Moss (Eucheuma Cottoni) Nothing has been added to this sea moss.

If you need the plant in bulk, please contact us.

Our plant is packaged in clear plastic bags that are sealed to prevent contamination. Please keep in a dry area until you’re ready to use.

Legal Disclaimer: This hasn’t been fully evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose or cure any disease.Β