Synergy Spray


Indulge the senses with this crisp, earthly smelling aroma.

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Our Synergy Spray is a fresh, earthly will have you refreshed and smelling great all-day. Indulge in the light masculinity of this aroma. Designed for the masculine person that wants to have a slightly seductive scent on them. The luxurious aroma can be worn on both men and women.

This eau de toilette spray holds scent for along portion of the day to ensure you smell great no matter where you are. The sensual blend of oils used creates an explosive fragrance that isn’t overpowering for the user or passerbys. Several spaced out sprays of Synergy will carry the scent throughout the day. Before each use, lightly shake the bottle to ensure any oil separated gets dispersed.

3.8oz of liquid
Safe to use on skin, hair, and fabric
No parabens, additives, or animal testing

Ingredients – Distilled vodka and fragrance oil blend.

Benefits – We use 190 proof vodka to fully bind with oil scents and last all day.

Usage Instructions – Hold the spray bottle six inches from your body and press the nozzle

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Weight 10.6 oz
Dimensions 1.75 × 1.75 × 5.5 in


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