Tea Tree Essential Oil

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Tea Tree Essential Oil


Favored for its antibacterial protection, tea tree essential oil can be used to kill germs on your skin and surroundings.

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Aromatic – Topical

Open your pores, sinuses, and mind to the tingling sensation of tea tree essential oil. It’s warm, earthy, minty aroma helps ease headaches, while its invigorating feeling soothes muscles. Inhale the scent to clear your mind or topically apply it to cleanse your skin with a tingly sensation.

Favored for its antibacterial protection, tea tree essential oil can be used in many different ways. Add a little to your hair or cleaning products for extra protection against bacteria, mold, and fungi. When applied topically, tea tree oil kills a bacterium that causes acne.

Tea tree essential oil is a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-septic.

  • 1oz of oil
  • 100% All Natural, No Addictives
  • UV Light Protected Bottle
  • Non-GMO

Usage Instructions – Hair & Skin: Pour a small amount into your hands to warm up and work onto the desired area. Avoid getting into your eyes and genitals. If contact occurs, immediately rinse the affected area with warm water. Diffusers: Add several drops to your preferred diffuser or bath water to enjoy the aromatic smell.

Caution: Essential oils are volatile substances because they are the pure, potent essence of the plant. When applying directly to the skin, you should use a carrier oil to ensure the maximum amount of oil is utilized. Use the oil on a small portion of your skin first to make sure you have no skin sensitivities to the oil. If pregnant or suffering from illness consult doctor before use.