Terra Cotta Handpainted Pot

Terra Cotta Handpainted Pot


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Weight 11.9 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in


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Often used indoor or outdoor plants provide a better quality of life for people. Whether for aesthetic reason, aromatherapy, gardening, or eating, there different reasons why people utilize potted plants. Translating simply to baked earth in Latin, Terra Cotta is steeped in tradition and is the most natural planter material available throughout. Terra Cotta allows the soil to receive ample amounts of oxygen for plant growth. With drainage holes, the temperature and water level is balanced naturally. It is a porous material that allows moisture in and out creating a natural environment for plant growth. When planting with these pots it is recommended to use a saucer as well to protect surfaces from drainage and to help your planter retain water for the plant to use as needed.

These pots are individually handpainted to provide style and culture to your space.

  • 4″ Diameter