Uncrossing Mist

Uncrossing Mist


This fragrant smelling spray leaves your skin smelling like sweet, musk that promotes the removal of negative energy.

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Weight 4.3 oz
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Experience the purifying scent of sweet, musk whenever you want. Use this fine mist spray as a skin astringent or as a room freshener. When sprayed or rubbed on the body, our Uncrossing Mist helps the skin to feel refreshed. Each spray brings a mist that helps the skin and spirit. The spray utilizes the forces of nature to undo a jinx or negative energy.

Our Uncrossing Mist is created using plants that are deeply associated with removing negative energy. Patchouli is the primary scent followed by the herbal tones of sage and hyssop. Instantly feel the uplifting effects of these plants. This herbal blend is used for personal protection and energy cleansing. Utilize the power of this mist by spraying it to anoint objects such as amulets, crystals, jewelry, an altar, and more. It’s safe to use on your body as aromatic protection, especially after bathing. Whenever you spray it, you should focus on intentions. Spray it anywhere you feel there is negative energy.

Use this mist as a skin astringent, body mist, or room freshener. When used on the skin, our Uncrossing Mist causes the skin to feel refreshed and smell good. Alcohol is used in this mist as a preventative anti-microbial agent. Once the concentrated form is complete, witch hazel is added. The liquid becomes an herbal-infused toner that hydrates the skin and protects the spirit. Try our Rose Water or Sage Mist.

Undo jinxes and negativity with our Uncrossing Mist.

Ingredients: Herbal Mix (Patchouli, Hyssop, Sage, Lavender, Chamomile, Bay Leaf, Peppermint, Rue, and Rosemary), Alcohol, and Witch Hazel.

Directions for use: Remove negativity from your space or face with our purifying Uncrossing Mist.

You can spray several times in an area or room to enjoy the metaphysical benefits of these plants. Remove odors and negative energy.

Disclaimer: This item is known as a curio. By law, it is so stated this listing is for entertainment purposes only. We can’t guarantee effects.

For external use only.