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The Big BX Give Back Recap

We did a thing. Together. A successful, beautiful, FUN, and powerful thing. Together. The BIG BX Give Back was truly a community collaboration. Salute to everyone for everything.

Donations, volunteering, partnering, encouraging, cleaning, and of course partipcipates… We appreciate all of it!

Check out some photos of the event.

I Am Because We Are.

This was the first time we were able to come together to create something greater than profit. It was for health, well-being, and support. We would like to think as individuals doing what they can for the greater good. While it’s not profitable in practice for many, it’s necessary for everyone. Zambo Aroma gives a HUGE shoutout to Girls Mentor Girls and The Bronx Collab Space. Without the efforts of these two organizations, we wouldn’t have been able to come together as a block.

Other organizations that we appreciate is Diamond the Doula, WCW Events NYC, Teaching Brainiacs, Distractable Me, LynCuoya, and Synthetic Cleaners.

We look forward to safely gathering and growing in the future.

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