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Three Important Steps to Healthy Skin


It’s incredibly important to take care of your skin. It’s one of the first signs to show the signs of fatigue or aging. Whether it’s preventative, the quest to look younger, or general upkeep, there are three important steps you can take to attain healthy skin. Ultimately you should be cleaning, scrubbing, and moisturizing your skin. Lacking in one area can cause your skin to have sensitivity issues.



Cleaning your skin is a very important process in the quest to have healthy skin. Throughout the day, we come into contact with a lot of bacteria, dust, chemicals, and other foreign agents. Once on your skin, these foreign agents can cause havoc on your external and internal health. Bacteria that grows on your skin will clog pores and cause other skin sensitivities to occur. Dirt blocks your pores as well making it harder for your skin to release toxins. That buildup may happen in the form of acne. Free radicals in the environment break down our skin and other bodily cells to prevent them from working as possible. Cleaning your skin ensures that you remove as much harmful skin agents.



A lot of our bathing habits is about removing dead skin from our body. Many people want smooth, soft skin that has little to no blemishes. There are many towels, scrubs, sponges, and more on the market that help exfoliate your skin to leave it feeling soft.

Body scrubs are a great method of exfoliating because they remove dead skin and moisturize at the same time. Regardless of the scrub being sugar, salt, or oil-based, body scrubs can be a great asset in keeping your skin smooth. Make sure your body scrub has vitamins, minerals, or other nutritional oils in it to ensure your skin has everything possible to be healthy. The smooth, revitalized skin you achieve from exfoliating with body scrubs are amazing. Whether you’re combating dry skin, wrinkles, toning, or cracked skin, exfoliating with body scrubs will alleviate and prevent those problems.



Moisturizers keep the skin soft and hydrated for long periods of time. Depending on the type of moisturizer used, the effects may be more exaggerated. It’s important to constantly keep your skin moisturized with lotions, body butters, creams, and oils. These semi-solids to liquids will aid in the repairing functions of the skin by adding nutrients to the skin and bloodstream.

There are several variables to consider when choosing the best moisturizer. First, ensure that it has essential vitamins and minerals that can be helpful for your skin to heal and maintain itself. You want to make sure that the moisturizer isn’t too heavy or light on your skin. Certain heavier oils may leave your skin feeling gooey and super shiny. Other oils may require multiple applications throughout the day or can even make your skin feel drier. Consider the longevity of moisturizers. Some oils and butters absorb faster into the skin than others. Will you have to reapply the moisturizer every couple of hours or once a day? Find a moisturizer that is going to work for your skin type.


Achieving smooth, clear skin doesn’t have to be a nightmare. It shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg either. Achieving and maintaining healthy skin is an important aspect of self-care. At Zambo Aroma, we care about the state of your skin and how you feel about it. We want you to have wonderful glowing skin, even tone, and a bright smile! Discover the various natural products we have to increase the overall well-being of you (and those around you).

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