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Why Handmade?

When you see something that says “handmade” or “handcrafted” there’s a lot that goes into the product. Generally speaking, items that have been created or assembled by hand. When you purchase something handmade, more is at play than just the item. You’re buying hours of unique lessons, know-how, energy, and contributing to the direct growth of the area or community.

For us at Zambo Aroma, handmade is everything. Every one of our items involves multiple steps that require thought and hands. We ensure that our products are as perfect as humanly possible. Handmade items are important.

Handmade is intentional.

Each item is a combination of skill and love. As artisans, we use our abilities to create items that stand up to their craftsmanship. Items have been designed around their use, aesthetic, and attainability. We think about where the ingredients came from, how to bring them together, and where will they end up. With man things in mind, our items are created with positive intentions.

Handmade is High Quality.

Handmade products are made to high quality because the maker understands the value of each piece. … If the maker has a high skill set. More often than not, when purchasing items that are handmade or handcrafted, paying less means your getting less. Handmade items have an expectancy. There’s an understanding of what is needed vs what needs to be experienced.

Handmade creates less waste.

There isn’t a large factory or industry force behind handmade. These products are produced and sold from one area. Products pass through fewer hands than large companies. This tends to create a smaller ecological footprint. With the way that things are going in the world, a knitted group of entities working together makes more sense. It allows for freshness, uniqueness, mobility, and commerce to exist.

Handmade is Supportive.

When buying a hand-crafted item you are supporting the local economy, the local community, and a real person. Each sale makes a huge difference in their lives. You are supporting a child going to school or a meal for their table, not a huge corporate brand. By supporting the maker, you support their creativity and skill. The Artisan has spent many days learning a skill, perfecting a technique, and pouring their passion into what they make.

Handmade Keeps Traditional Skills present.

The world we live in now is fast-paced. Systems, cultures, and even nature is shifting. Many people have observed the change in culture due to technology and such. Being handmade keeps traditional thoughts and skills alive by practicing them. Sharing knowledge and showing the application of it creates a sense of unity and understanding.

Handmade is Unique.

Handmade is not mass produced. Each item is a unique display of craftsmanship. Each has their own character that is to be admired. When you buy handmade, you are buying a commitment of authenticity, a guarantee that no other piece will ever be the same.

handmade Supports community.

When you shop handmade, you’re supporting community. You’re intentionally putting money into a group of people or neighborhood. Small businesses creates local wages and more jobs for people. This supports the livelihood of people to make impactful decisions. With enough time and support, that money gets redistributed into other homes in the neighborhood.

“Every one of our items involves multiple steps that require thought and hands.”

You can’t guarantee a lot of things in life these days, but with handmade items, you’ll notice. When adding items, hobbies, and other things to your like, make sure it’s intentionally supporting your goal. Try handmade items. Shop handmade products. Share handmade experiences.

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