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Zambo Aroma’s 2019 Resolution


Happy New Years from the Zambo Aroma family. We want to take a quick moment to give thanks to the many wonderful people that have shown us support. Our client base is steadily expanding as people are loving the difference our products have made to their skin. Connect with us and help spread the word about Zambo Aroma.

2019 Resolution

Expand our products.

Continue to roll out products and other product lines that better serve people. While our products are great, they don’t help everyone (yet!). In the upcoming months, we will be releasing new products that cater to different skin types and problems. Healthy, moisturized skin is a must! Shop our store to see what’s new.

Dedication to the community.

Work in new or interesting methods to reach,  teach, and grow the community in uplifting ways. We will be working with more organizations and events to connect with more members in the community. Through charitable efforts and outreach, we believe it’s imperative to network as much as possible. Send us an e-mail if you or someone you know may want to collaborate with us.

Book events and take on some challenges

What’s life without a bit of hardship? We work continuously to provide a space and product to enhance others’ lives. Why not keep on going? Zambo Aroma will be at more events to connect with people in different places. Visit our events page to learn about what’s coming up. Ohhh the places we shall go…


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