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Zambo Aroma’s Community Standards


The following is a set of guidelines we work and live by to create the space we want to be in. These community standards apply to Zambo Aroma employees, volunteers, customers, and interactions with outsiders. If you’re reading this and think it applies to you… it probably does. That’s okay. It can be worked on. We want people to be their best, accountable selves.

Treat yourself with love and care.

No one can love you better than yourself. It’s important to find ways to treat yourself to pleasures that you enjoy. These treats can be small or large depending on what you deem appropriate. Thinking about savoring a special meal, pampering yourself to a spa-like service, or purchasing new items for yourself? If so, do it. Sure you shouldn’t splurge, but we believe you should indulge in something luxurious to feel better and refreshed.

Presentation is everything.

Regardless of whether you care, we do. Presentation marks the stage for how others perceive and interact with you. If we sold items that were horribly packaged, improperly labeled, or looked dirty, no one would want them. This easily applies to other aspects of life such as explaining personal thoughts, business meetings, potential partnerships, or even keeping the workspace clean.

Greet and help those around you.

We want to be in a safe, friendly space. It’s normal for us to say wave, say Hi, and use other forms of greetings. Everyone should know that they’ve been acknowledged. This promotes a welcoming environment. If you have a skill or ability that can be used by your neighbor or good friend, use it. Helping others doesn’t have to be in the form of money or time. It could be acknowledgement of a situation, growth, or something else. Find ways to empower others and yourself at the same time.

Be upfront. Don’t lie about yourself.

We live in an age when most information can be backtracked. Who wants to be known as a liar or cheat? We don’t! Transparency is key to unlocking great relations. It’s best to not be slick and lie about what you do.

Express yourself instead of repressing yourself.

It’s absolutely amazing to interact with someone that is unapologetically living their life. Whether it’s their personality, way they perceive life, or the actions that they take, it’s inspirational to witness that. At Zambo Aroma, we want to harness and expand the possibilities around a person. Our staff is dedicated to being their best selves and promotes that for those we interact with.

Stand for something or fall for anything.

Time and time again, people stand on the sideline waiting for their chance at success. All the while life and success pass them by. People want endeavors to be favorable for them and that’s understandable. The problem with this is that life moves too quickly to wait for too long. There are so many struggles and isms that people fight against. Now more than ever, we need to be vocal and act on matters that are important to us. Waiting to see how things are going to play out, takes too long. If you see something, say something. If you feel it, do it. Make the area or situation a safe place for everyone instead of the power hungry.

Discussion and Dialogue is Okay, but Disrespect isn’t.

Interacting and learning about other people is incredibly important. While we encourage dialogue that helps someone learn about others, disagreements are sure to arise. When they do, please be mindful of others beliefs without disrespect, slurs, or aggressive behavior.

Don’t threaten, disable, or destroy someone else’s well-being.

We’re striving for sustainable and positive growth. Someone that is afraid, stressed, or no longer present can’t participate in society. We hope this seems obvious. At Zambo Aroma, we will not tolerate violence, aggression, or other hostile behaviors. Life is too short to blow a fuse on something that shouldn’t have been lit in the first place.

Don’t haggle what others have worked hard on.

THIS ONE HERE!!! To be humble, our product prices are already reasonable (and likely to increase). If we offer a discount, take it as an act of appreciation not obligation.  We put a lot of energy, attention, and quality ingredients into each item. It’s incredibly offensive when people come in searching for discounts or attempting to haggle our price. Most people don’t go to other retailers or spaces pushing for discounts, so don’t do it with Zambo Aroma.

Don’t covet and steal my treasures then smile in my face.

We all have our unique features, services, products, image, etc. If there’s something that we can improve on or you think of something that we can do, tell us. We can definitely work together to create something even more dynamic. Don’t steal our aesthetic, products, or branding to smile in our face as if everything is okay, it ISN’T. We’re sick of the crabs in a barrel mentality.

It takes a village to keep a village alive.

Patronizing with us isn’t just buying from a local retailer. When you buy our products or attend our events, you’re contributing directly to the growth and sustainability of the local community. Whether it’s us putting on more events geared towards groups, donating funds, or partnering with organizations, money spent at Zambo Aroma gets directly funneled into the community via events, hiring, and products.

There are many products, services, and skills that we do not have. If we know someone that offers products or services that are desired by our patrons, we will refer them. We are connected to various people, brands, and organizations. It makes sense to send customers to a place that we trust or have worked with. We want to keep our community, businesses, and more connected for the long-term.

At Zambo Aroma, we strive to positively influence those around us. While it’s definitely not easy nor does it feel particularly rewarding, we care about the local community and world-at-large. It’s a hard battle, but someone has to do it. If more people, brands, and organizations come to an understanding that we need each other, maybe there will be fewer deaths, reduced destruction, and far less hatred present on the planet. We love our people. We hope you love us too.

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