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About Us
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Family inspired.
Family operated.

Zambo Aroma is dedicated to combining art, beauty, and education to promote a healthy and healing community.

Zambo Aroma specializes in crafting herbal infused all-natural body care products, including soaps, body butters, body scrubs, candles, and more. Our soaps are made by hand, using natural oils and botanicals. Each item is not just skincare but a work of art created to promote self-care and love.

We strive to create products and host events that make people feel amazing. Through our dedication, knowledge, skillset, and customer service we have created a majestic gem. Our retail store combines aromatherapy and healing for a wholistic experience. We’re bringing a whole new meaning to “Retail Therapy!”

Located in New York City, we are a small, family-owned business. Zambo Aroma has been making handmade soap and bath products since 2016. We use high-quality ingredients sourced from Black, Brown, or Organic growers. Our passion is to educate, inspire, and link quality, products affordable prices while providing people with the most pleasant customer experience.

Visit our home location to see all of our products 3848 White Plains Road, Bronx, NY, 10467. You can also find some of our products in retail boutiques, salons, and pharmacies around the New York City/Tri-State area. If you don’t see your favorite retailer listed, ask their owner or purchasing manager to contact us. You can also find us on location at various events and street fairs thought the seasonal months.

"It's so beautiful to see a black owned establishment enforcing positivity and community with their presence. Along with the beautiful afrocentric decor, it really does feel like home. THE PRODUCTS are of such high quality, handmade with love, being natural, calming scents, and catered to OUR skin specifically. The owners and the business as a whole is a treasure right at home in The Bronx!"

- A. Straker (A Happy Customer)

Once the company was officiated, time was spent establishing a brand presence. Participating in local events and tabling in various areas, Zambo Aroma started gaining a following of fans.

Year 1 of Zambo Aroma as a physical store. With relatively little capital and a small customer base, the owners were able to secure a space in the Bronx. The retail faculty became the headquarters for production and sales of Zambo Aroma products.

In this year, the company focused on establishing a greater presence in the industry. The company successfully held multiple events like Paint & Sip, health & wellness classes, and musical activities. These events helped build a base of people looking for avenues to explore.

The a trying year for Zambo Aroma. We had 2 major robberies in the store. There were also 2 instances of the store being out of power for a total of 5 weeks. In the year of COVID-19, our brand was affirmed and needed to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. Zambo Aroma was able to reach a larger audience and make a greater impact on the community as a whole.

The brand is steadily growing and expanding. This year we are focusing on community connections and partnerships. We want to fortify the community through positive business practices, creative expression, and healthy lifestyles.

Tree Alexander

I’m a family man with a plan and a heart of gold.

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Carlton Rolle
Creative Director

What’s up y’all. I’m Carlton. My passion has always been towards helping people, whether internally or externally. When people come to Zambo Aroma, I want them to feel comforted knowing that there are other people working towards our collective prosperity. There are so many things that we need as a community and it’s my goal to provide as many opportunities for our people as possible.

Jackie Jones
Production Manager

I’m am an outgoing, energetic, people-oriented person that shines positivity. I like working at Zambo Aroma because of its fun-loving family home-away-from-home atmosphere. My position at Zambo Aroma is to help the family grow and prosper in multiple stores.

Forest Alexander
Kid Manager

I’m Forest, the Kid Manager. I greet people, help with products, ring them up, all while providing high-energy! I love singing, playing with friends, martial arts, and video games.

Raven Lopez
Sales Associate

Black Beauty is the best beauty. Love your body, curves, and mind. Let Zambo show you the way to self-care. If you’re ready to feel natural beauty, Zambo Aroma got you, Kings and Queens. My role here at the company is to be an example for people to love themselves. It’s my mission to help others love and express themselves better.

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Joshua Myers
Content Creator/Photographer

What’s going on? My name is Joshua. I’m the Content Producer at Zambo Aroma. My 2020 resolution was to support more local Black-owned businesses with my passion for photography. I found the perfect match! Zambo is everything I feel about my people beautiful, premium-quality, and handmade to perfection. Let’s bless this world we live in.

saskia staff

Hi Guys, I’m Saskia. I’m Young, Gifted, and Black. An Entrepreneur and soon-to-be student of Howard University.

Egpytt Labeija
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Hi my name is Melona. I was born on the beautiful island of Saint Lucia. I’m a certified personal trainer.

Zambo Aroma means a positive sense of sensual and spiritual well-being with respect to culture and self-care. Wellness is the state of being in good health mentally, physically, and spiritually. It makes sense to bring my brand, Elevazion Wellness to Zambo Aroma. I want to fulfill the needs of the community through different aspects of wellness.


Musician. Fashion. God. Operator of @souljuicelive

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