Sage Smudge Stick

Sage Smudge Stick


This is a broad leaf sage is loved for its strong aromatic and spiritual properties.

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White – Small, White – Large


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This is a broadleaf sage is prized for its strong aromatic and spiritual properties. Sage has been used by various groups of people for thousands of years to purify the body, spirit, and spaces. This is done through a technique referred to as smudging. Light the sage in an area and allow the smoke to fill the room. Sage is used as an incense, smell deodorizer, and spiritual cleanser.

Our Sage Smudge Sticks comes in different variations. White Sage is what is traditionally thought of when sage is used. Blue Sage has a lighter, more floral scent to it. If you enjoy Sage, try our Pure Sage soap, Pure Sage Candle, or Sage Mist.

  • Large Size – 12 inches, Small Size – 5 inches

Purify a space of negative energy and smells with Sage Smudge Stick.

Usage Instructions – These are meant to be burned while supervised. Never leave a burning sage wand unattended. It should be held by the opposite end and place a non-flammable plate underneath it. Lightly rub the burning sage in ashes to put out the ember.